Active Start: Rip N’ Ride

FUNdamentals: Rip N’ Ride

Active Start: Rip N’ Ride

In less than fifty years, water skiing has grown from a cottage industry to a Pan-American Games sport, and Canada is recognized as a world leader. In less than ten years, wakeboarding has grown into a World Class sport as well, of which Canada is also recognized as a world leader. Canadian skiers and riders have achieved spectacular results, including several World Championship Gold medals.

Water skiing and wakeboarding teach participants fundamental movement skills, fundamental sport skills and the ABCs – agility, balance, coordination and speed – of physical literacy.

Water ski and wakeboard’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model consists of nine stages.

  • Active Start (M, F 0-6) – Introduces fundamental movement and links them together into play.
  • FUNdamentals (M 6-9, F 6-8) – Refines fundamental movement skills and acquires basic sport skills.
  • FUNdations (M 10-12, F 9-11) – Fine tunes overall sport skills and develops sport-specific skills..
  • Build the Skills (M 13-16, F 12-15) – Consolidates sport-specific skills, develops speed, strength and training, and introduces competition.
  • Learn to Compete (M 17-20, F 16-19 water ski and barefoot; M 16-17, F 15-16 wake) – Prepares for the competitive environment by refining skills and continuing development of physical attributes and ancillary skills.
  • Train to Compete (M 19-23, F 18-22 water ski and barefoot; M 18-19, F 17-18 wake) – Transfers from training environment to competitive environment with predictable and appropriate performances.
  • Become a Champion (M 22-26, F 21-25 water ski and barefoot; M 20-24, F 19-21 wake) – Stabilization of performance-on-demand characteristics. .
  • Top of the Wake (M 25+, F 22+ water ski and barefoot; M 22+, F 20+ wake) – Establishes international excellence and podium performances at world championships.
  • Active for Life (enter at any age, and from any LTAD stage) – Encourages lifelong physical activity and participation in sport and recreation.

Waking Up Champions: Water Ski and Wakeboard LTAD
This framework provides guidelines for appropriate training, competition and recovery environments for athletes, based on developmental age – the maturation level of an individual – rather than simply chronological age.

Rip ‘n Ride is a FUNdamentals skills development program that attracts, initiates and retains new participants to towed water sports.

SkiAbility, focusing on FUNdamentals, is a comprehensive clinic outreach program, whereby trained SkiAbility clinic facilitators deliver clinics and lessons to participants of all ages with different types of disabilities.

Both programs are integral components of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s FUNdamentalsFUNdations and Build the Skills programming in support of the LTAD model.

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