Learn to Train: RTS Program & Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program & Postal Program

The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is the national sport governing body responsible for the promotion, development and governing of organized, recreational and competitive target shooting in and for Canada. SFC represents all Canadian firearm owners and is also responsible for the development, protection and promotion of all firearm owners’ rights, property and their sport.

Shooting teaches participants fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills, as well as balance, coordination and accuracy.

LTAD Target Shooting: a lifetime sport

The Recreational Target Shooting (RTS) program aim at the Learn to Train and Active for life stages, and is for any individual and/or club just getting into target shooting. An SFC membership is not required. You can shoot on any indoor or outdoor range, or in any safe location that has an appropriate back stop or bullet trap.

The Crossman Air Gun Shooting Program focuses on the Learn to Train and Active for Life stages, and is for all airgun-shooting enthusiasts. You can shoot on any range with at least a 10-meter distance for shooting. Just make sure it’s a safe location where you can put up a Crossman Air Gun Shooting Program target. Interested groups should contact their local SFC club and/or members for technical support.

The Postal Program addresses the Learn to Train and Active for Life stages, and is a great way to get your first taste of competition. The mail in, or postal match, works on the honour system: you shoot your targets according to the rules, have someone witness them, and mail in your scores. It’s a great way to keep your competitive fires burning, especially during the cold winter months when there are fewer matches.

Shooting Federation of Canada – sfc-ftc.ca