FUNdamentals: CANGYM

Learn to Train: CANGYM

Gymnastics consists of more than what you see at the Olympics. Elite gymnasts are one part of the overall gymnastics family to which many belong. Of the six individual disciplines within the sport, each offers opportunities for fun, participation, learning and competition for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.

Gymnastics is made up of six disciplines:

  • Men’s Artistic
  • Women’s Artistic
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Trampoline and Tumbling
  • Aerobic
  • Acrobatic

Gymnastics’ Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model consists of eight stages.

  • Active Start (M, F 0-6) – Establishes play and games that foster repetitive rehearsal and learning as well as the foundations for the ABCs.
  • Fun, Fitness and Fundamental Movement Patterns (M 6-9, F 6-8) – Builds gym-specific skills through fun activities and games.
  • Build the Skills of Gymnastics (M 9-10, F 7-9) – Ensures proper progressions by matching drills with skills and fitness level.
  • Specialization in a Gym Discipline (M 10-12, F 9-11) – Introduces complex gymnastics skills, ensures physical preparation and establishes cognitive development.
  • Become a Consistent Competitor (M 12-15+, F 10-13+) – Develops advanced skills early in the stage, before the growth spurt, and continues to address other skills and capacities.
  • Win at All Levels (M 15-18+, F 13-18+) – Refines routine skills and consolidates and increases the variety of elements and artistry.
  • International Excellence and Podium Performances (M 18+, F 16+) – Retains total command of the routine and maintains all physical attributes.
  • Active for Life (M, F any age) – Encourages individuals to remain physically active, whether in a competitive or recreational capacity, for life.

LTAD: The Ultimate Human Movement Experience
This document sets out a framework for LTAD in gymnastics that also reinforces Gymnastics Canada’s stated vision, mission and goals.

Gymnastics BC: LTAD Implementation Plan
This model outlines the steps necessary for establishing LTAD within Gymnastics in British Columbia.

The CANGYM program includes three levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness and FUNdamentals Educational Philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants.

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