Learn to Train: 6-A-SIDE Football

The origins of “North American” style football date back to 1874 when Montreal’s McGill University played Cambridge’s Harvard University in a three-game series. Football has evolved significantly since then, and both Canada and the United States have derived their own sets of rules. The sport is now played in more than 50 countries spanning six continents, and continues to grow in Canada.

Along with teamwork, football teaches participants fundamental movement skills, fundamental sport skills and the ABCs – agility, balance, coordination and speed – of physical literacy.

Football’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model consists of nine stages.

  • Active Start (M, F 0-6) – Teaches fundamental movement skills through physical activity and play.
  • FUNdamentals (M 6-9, F 6-8) – Promotes development of ABCs and mastering of fundamental movement skills through participation in a wide range of sports.
  • Learn to Train (M 10-12, F 9-11) – Develops speed, power and endurance while focusing on fundamental sport skills.
  • Train to Train (M 12-16, F 11-15) – Integrates a full range of skills through advanced situational game play.
  • Learn to Compete (M 16-18, F 15-17) – Utilizes developing mental skills to understand and read the game.
  • Train to Compete (M, F 17+) – Combines specific skills, position play and training for high-performance athletes.
  • Learn to Win (M, F 18+) – Focuses on position specialization through refinement of all skills, in the hopes of playing at the professional level.
  • Train to Win (M 21+) – Maximizes skills and capacities in preparation for professional and national competition.
  • Football for Life (M, F all ages) – Encourages players to remain in the game, either competitively or recreationally, for life.

Football for Life: LTAD
The blueprint for athlete and football development throughout the nation.

The 6-A-Side football program promotes the FUNdamentals. Football Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Football League, promotes “Half the number of players – Twice the athlete!”

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